They find the ancient Greek city of Tenea

They find the ancient Greek city of Tenea

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The Greek Ministry of Culture reported yesterday that a team of Greek archaeologists has found the final proof of the location of the ancient city of Tenea, at Northeast Peloponnese, of which until now there were only epigraphic references.

The investigation focused on two excavations near present-day Jiliomodi city, 20 km from Corinth and 95 km from Athens, in an area where an organized cemetery from the Hellenistic and Roman periods meets several buildings; and a second place where the first residential remains of Tenea were identified.

In the cemetery they found seven new graves, four of them from Roman times and three from Hellenistic times, although one of them was reused by the Romans.

The remains they contained belonged to two men and five women, and two children were also found, all of them decorated with jugs, coins, and gold, bone, and bronze jewelry.

In the area, more than 200 coins dated from the beginning of Hellenism to the end of Roman times, the majority being belonging to Lucio Septimio Severo, the first Roman Emperor of North African origin.

The Ministry claimed that these discoveries prove that Tenea suffered the consequences of the invasion of the Peloponnese of the Visigothic king Alaric I in 396-397 BC, and which may have been abandoned at the end of the 6th century AD.

The legend of Tenea

The legend tells that the ancient city of Tenea was founded by prisoners of the Trojan War, to whom Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, allowed to build his own city.

Via Ministry of Culture of Greece

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