They reveal the use that the Tyrannosaurus Rex gave to its front legs

They reveal the use that the Tyrannosaurus Rex gave to its front legs

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The peculiar structure of front legs of the Tyrannosaurus rex it has been a great challenge for researchers since its discovery.

The Vertebrate Paleontology Society was tasked with examining the matter and now claims to have solved the riddle. To shed light on the anatomy of tyrannosaurs, paleontologists studied the bodies of their distant and very distant descendants: alligators and turkeys.

According to his hypothesis, the carnivore could turn its limbs inward and uses them to imprison its prey against itself.

Indeed, the most powerful "weapon" of the prehistoric animal were its jaws As mentioned, so it could use the upper limbs to grab and hold its prey and bite them.

Among other theories previously put forward by scientists, some assumed that carnivores used their claws to attack their prey and enemies. Other scholars suggested that the tiny upper extremities actually had no relevant function.

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