Seville certifies a second grave with 2,500 victims of the Franco regime

Seville certifies a second grave with 2,500 victims of the Franco regime

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Seville City Council continues to locate the mass graves of the San Fernando cemetery. The archaeological works have confirmed for the moment two of the collective tombs.

In the last, known as the Monument, more than 2,500 victims of the Franco regime are buried. Previously, that of Pico Reja was marked, which the City Council hopes to exhume before the end of the year.

The third grave worked for its delimitation and location, the Antigua, presents more complications due to the number of reprisals in relation to the total burials: about 5,500 buried of which 250 are executed by the dictatorship and died in prison, all at the beginning of the 40s.

In the Monument the percentage is from one to three, while In Pico Reja, 90% of the cadaveric remains correspond to people killed by the rebel forces of Franco and Queipo de Llano.

A team of 14 people, including anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, workers and draftsmen, works to mark the graves. The task, with a municipal budget of 68,000 euros, will run until November, according to the Seville City Council in a press release.

Through this process of search, investigation, location and delimitation, the Pico Reja grave with almost a thousand victims of the Franco regime, including members of the municipal corporation of the time and of the Seville Provincial Council or the Father of the Andalusian Nation, Blas Infante.

The planned exhumation of the skeletal remains is "in its final administrative procedures" with the aim of being adjudicated in the last quarter of 2018, as announced by the delegate of Education, Citizen Participation and Municipal Buildings, Adela Castaño, in a visit "of supervision ”of the work carried out in the cemetery.

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