Solved the mystery of ‘the screaming mummy’: it is Pentaur, son of Ramses III

Solved the mystery of ‘the screaming mummy’: it is Pentaur, son of Ramses III

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For several years, a mummy had completely puzzled Egyptologists and was dubbed 'the screaming mummy‘For its eerie shape and now it has been possible to know who he is and why he is in that situation.

The Egyptologist Zahi hawass explained that, thanks to the project he is carrying out calledEgyptian Mummy Project, that DNA tests have confirmed that it's about prince pentaur, who was sentenced to death and hanged for being one of the conspirators in the murder of his father, Pharaoh Ramses III, who ruled in the 12th century BC.

Since its discovery in the royal tomb of Deir Al-Bahari, it has drawn powerfully attention not only its position, but also that it was not wrapped in the usual fine linen bandages on a mummy of royalty, but she was wrapped in sheepskin, considered by the ancient Egyptians as impure.

Further, his hands and feet were tied with leather straps and it wasn't even mummifiedThey just let it dry in natron and then poured some resin into its open mouth.

The Harem Conspiracy Papyrus

Following the Papyrus of the Harem Conspiracy, Hawass and his team performed a DNA test on the mummy, and also on Ramses III to try to find matches, finding that indeed, the mummy was the son of the pharaoh, Pentaur.

In turn, the story told in the papyrus, where the conspiracy against the life of Ramses III plotted by his second wife Tiye, his son Prince Pentaur, army commanders, soldiers, palace servants, magicians and women from the pharaoh's harem.

According to the papyrus, all the conspirators were caught and the text is based on their judgments. However, it is not possible to determine if Ramses III was assassinated as they only mention that "the royal boat was capsized" and refer to the King as "the Great God".

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