Two Roman boxing gloves found in England

Two Roman boxing gloves found in England

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Archaeologists working on the Roman fort of Vindolanda, by Hadrian's Wall in the north of England, have found some amazing roman boxing gloves, «probably the only known examples from the Roman period that have survived“Explained Andrew Birley, project manager The Vindolanda Trust.

The discovery of roman boxing gloves It has not been the only find since a large number of objects were found between Roman tablets with visible texts, swords, leather shoes, dice, combs, pieces to adjust horse saddles and a large number of other objects.

Boxing gloves They are not part of a pair and were designed to protect the knuckles during impact, thus differentiating themselves from current knuckles that protect the entire hand.

These gloves were filled with different natural materials that helped to cushion the blows, being the most frequent the leather rolls.

The boxing in ancient times It is something that is very well documented, both in Greece and in Rome, being even a martial activity that was practiced in the Roman army in order to increase the agility, physical condition and skills of the fighters.

«I have seen Roman boxing gloves depicted in bronze statues, paintings, and sculptures, but having the privilege of finding two real leather gloves is something truly special.Birley finished.

Roman boxing gloves are already on display at the Vindolanda Museum.

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