Ancient jewelry in modern society

Ancient jewelry in modern society

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Jewelry as a personal adornment has been around for almost as long as humans. Our prehistoric ancestors collected shells and polished stones, coveted for their natural beauty.

Of course, the discovery of gold, a metal characterized by its intrinsic beauty and the fact that it does not tarnish, even after millennia, only adds to the appeal of personal adornment and elevates it to a more appreciated status. You too can add a piece of antique jewelry to your collection.

The online auction platform Catawiki offers weekly auctions dedicated to the archaeological objects, prepared by its team of auctioneers specialized in archeology. Read on to find out what its experts say about the role of antique jewelry in modern society.

Treasure hunt

The origins of archeology They are closely tied to treasure hunting, and the appeal of gold has not diminished since Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered Tutankhamun's treasures or when Schliemann discovered Priam's treasure in Troy.

We are all drawn to stories of treasure hunters who discover a lost treasure, and secretly we want to be able to answer the question «Do you see?«, Like Carter and Carnarvon:«I see wonderful things!«.

But you are "wonderful things»They are only found in museums, right? At least that's how most people understand antique jewelry. It is often shocking to discover that not only are antique jewelry pieces auctioned weekly in the antique jewelry auction from Catawiki, but many of the most beautiful pieces can still be worn.

A modern twist with antique jewelry

From Roman rings to Greek gold earrings to Egyptian and Middle Eastern bead necklaces, not all antique jewelry is as fragile as one might first imagine. Nor do they deserve to be relegated to a display case, to be taken out and admired from time to time.

Ancient jewelry, like modern jewelry, It was made to be worn and appreciated as a personal adornment, so as long as it is strong and stable enough for that purpose, we are doing it a disservice by not using it for the purpose for which it was designed.

Of course, you have to be cautious. Not all ancient jewelry that has survived for millennia is wearable. As in everything, the purpose for which the owner is going to put an archaeological artifact to use must consider the fragility of the object in question.

But, given that many antique jewels are eminently wearable and relatively inexpensive compared to modern designer brands, you have to ask yourself,why not?

Discover treasures for yourself

An exquisite selection of Greek and Roman gold earrings, simple or bull's head shape to suit all tastes, is available at antique jewelry auction from Catawiki. His team of auctioneers, experts in the field of archeology, evaluate all items offered for auction to ensure their quality and authenticity. Then, they draw up the auctions with the most diverse listings of the best possible quality.

If you also have antique jewelry that you would like to take advantage of, sign up to become a seller on Catawiki for free and start offering your antique jewelry up for auction.