66-million-year-old Triceratops skeleton found in Colorado

66-million-year-old Triceratops skeleton found in Colorado

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Laborers breaking ground for the construction of a new fire station and police headquarters in North Denver, Colorado, have encountered a 66 million year old Triceratops skeleton.

During the work, one of the workers thought that the discovery of bones could be a fossilSo they called the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. When Joseph Sertich, the museum's curator, arrived, identified the bones of the Triceratops.

«It's a little Triceratops«, Sertich expressed, being half the size of those that have been unearthed in Montana and North Dakota,«although we really don't know why«He added.

«Although we have hundreds of Triceratops from the American West, we only have three good skulls and this might be one of the best skeletons to tell us why Denver Triceratops are smaller than all of their cousins ​​from anywhere else.«, Sentenced.

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