Mystical interpretations of the Amazon: synergy between reason and senses

Mystical interpretations of the Amazon: synergy between reason and senses

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We can't talk about one absolute certain interpretation when referring to the mystical interpretations of the Amazon, because within the same indigenous communities, when these stories, knowledge and beliefs are transferred, although the indigenous myth in any tribe will always have a basic thread and its conclusion with the intention of the same meaning, may vary due to the narration of this.

The myth, being a reference of origin has great relevance for the culture and precisely for the diffusion of this in the community, it has a ritual fact. What part of the "Seated Man”, denomination that designates the knower, to the subject who transmits the verbal constellation tradition, where there is the dissemination of those mythological beliefs that produce uncertainties and reflections; To understand it, we must go a little further to observe with greater lucidity those possible interpretations that may become diverse and variable.

On an archaic history theme, it is utopian to refer to the root of the first knower, which allows us to ensure that there may be several truths within the history of the myth, which manage to forge a coincident relationship with the specific situations and opportunities based on the myth that comes from what is thought and reflected, of the real.

That is to say, It is not possible to establish an absolute certainty about the belief but it is possible to fix archetypes that build notions of culture, in this case, through stories and visual arts that have left over time knowledge through representations, which are relevant because they are key, not as a belief of faith, but as a belief in an influence of real suggestion and not simple submissions without consequence.

Is appreciable highlight the fact of imagination, mysticity, creativity, genius of the indigenous by setting, creating, hitting and communicating different respective meanings created with metaphors of gods, of leaders with bodies not precisely human, but, of representations in living beings.

Likewise, it is important to exemplify the issue with indigenous realities, as the interpretation that the natives give to the anacondas who are the paths of the riversThat is why the spelling of the waters in the form of curved lines like the body of these. The snail that before had a smooth shell but that after the gift of a spiral by a hunter in a myth, represents the sign of creation; or the owl, as a nocturnal being that represents protection for some and a bad omen for others, as a messenger of protection in the ayahuasca ritual or as a messenger to cause damage with magic darts.

Regarding housing, the maloca it is a primordial representation of what arises in an indigenous reality, of the value that is given to the interpretation of reality, the maloca is built like a universe in structure, conceived as a sacred space, representing the womb of women and wisdom.

Finally, animals, which are considered sacred beings in the indigenous communities, for their hunting there must be a ritual where it is represented through dances, songs and stories, a permission for action. Let's go back to the myth of the mother jaguar and the blowgun, in which the woman had to kill and eat all the excessive hunters since her main function was to protect the animals, a fact that can become illogical in parallel because she also fed on them. This refers us to the sacrifice that can be explained or "excused" in a control of power, to maintain a balance.

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Although the metaphors and meanings can be seen from different perceptions, the invitation is that first, we want get closer and learn more about indigenous realities. So that there is no insensitivity due to not wanting to know, because of disinterest or for more abstract reasons that the stories seem, and with this the imaginary that a large number of people have in terms of some myths and some rituals as trends can be blurred. .

An example of this is the yagé ritual, which is directly related to hallucinations, sensations that alter the body and is thought only with the recreational conception, when this ritual represents and seeks to cleanse the body and soul.

With the above, if the situation of pretending, witnessing, learning, a ritual or an indigenous coexistence occurs, we can see an interpretation. It would be interesting to take into account the context, how it will manifest itself, as an expression of life in us, in addition, that realities are totally an experience, that they are pronounced through behaviors and worldviews, based on fabulous, exalting, mystical, magical facts …, allowing to put aside the conceptual world and the repetitive world to enter an aural world impregnated with interpretations, of appearances, of cosmogonic perceptions that in the meantime are handled, observed with sacred knowledge and total respect, you will be able to enter this reality, reaching the synergy between reason and senses.

So, we will be able to perceive and feel that conjunction between knowledge and the spiritual for the promotion of a sensible and imaginable vision that encourages the understanding of the expressions of the world through minks.

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