Intact Etruscan tomb discovered in Italy

Intact Etruscan tomb discovered in Italy

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Recently, a farmer who was plowing his fields on land he owned has discovered an Etruscan tomb and after that he gave the notice to archaeologists to investigate it and the first thing they saw was a sealed double door in perfect condition.

When they continued investigating, they discovered a rectangular chamber of approximately five meters, two sarcophagi, four marble urns with cremated human remains, a marble head of a young woman and several objects that were supposed to be part of a funerary furnishings such as votive vessels, jars of completely intact pottery and ceramic pieces among others.

The discovery was made very close to Perugia, exactly in the Italian town of Cittá della Pieve.
It is an Etruscan tomb of approximately 2,400 years ago, completely sealed and intact. The burial chamber has two sarcophagi and a remarkable grave goods, something that offers a formidable opportunity to investigate this civilization about which not much is known.

What is known about the Etruscans?

They are supposed to have lived in what is now the Tuscany and they learned much from the Greek people, although they had their own character, which came to influence the neighboring peoples, even among the Roman people. It is also known that it was they who taught the Gauls to make wine, brought the art of writing to Europe and also taught the Romans how to build roads.

Their land was very rich in agricultural resources and also in minerals, which allowed them to grow exponentially since 900 BC. until 500 B.C. approximately, although their growth could not be compared with that of the Romans and in the end they ended up being absorbed by the latter.

What is most striking is that despite the great influence that the Etruscans had during their existence, today there is very little left on them, there is very little information given that neither his writing, nor literature, nor his language have reached us, so everything that is to recover information is of vital importance.

The only thing that is known about this town has been obtained from archaeological evidence as well as writings by Roman and Greek authors, which makes this recent discovery one of the most important finds of all the Etruscans that have been discovered in history. This is why this discovery has aroused so much interest.

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