Rock with prehistoric paintings discovered in India

Rock with prehistoric paintings discovered in India

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In India, exactly in Vijayawada, very close to Kadiri, Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, cave paintings have been found in a rock, which is known locally as Rukalagundu, and after being studied it was determinedwould go back to the Mesolithic.

The team of archaeologists has asked the administration of the Anantapur district to have an access road to this place as well as a series of minimum services and it has even been requested for this place to be declared as a protected archaeological zone and make it become part of the archaeological conglomerate made up of the points of Kadiri, Timmammamarrimanu and Katarupalle.

The director of the Vijayawada Cultural Center, Dr. E. Siva Nagi Reddy, along with his team, were in charge of discover the cave paintings of this rock thanks to the advice of one of the residents of the area, who had seen something strange about her.

Reddy told the press that they had noticed a couple of cave paintings including a lizard, geometric designs and what looked like men dancing and searching for tools, all painted in red ocher.

The rock is located on a small mound located three kilometers east of the town, in a place that is relatively easy to access but if there was someone who had seen it before, they would not realize the importance that this can have. finding.

There is currently much expectation about this historical discovery and these paintings have been stated to date back to between 10,000 and 8,000 BC. This conclusion has been reached thanks to previous finds and the typology similar to other finds found in Budagavi, Velpumadugu, Uravakonda Mandal and Lakyandurg Mandal as stated by N. Chandramouli, specialist in rock art from South India.

This is another of the many samples of prehistoric art that for years have been discovered in such a rich country historically, and that will surely continue to surprise us.

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