The tenth season of excavations in Kouklia-Palepafo ends

The tenth season of excavations in Kouklia-Palepafo ends

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The tenth season of fieldwork has recently been completed on the excavations of Palaipaphos (Palepafo), in Cyprus. On this occasion, the investigations were carried out by the University of Cyprus, always under the supervision of Professor María Iacovou since 2006, who knows perfectly everything that a site like this can provide.

Six investigations have been carried out this year, especially focused on the exploration of the monumental complex, which extends along the northern part of the walled city, in full Hadjiabdoulla plateau, located east of the sanctuary of Aphrodite, which was the administrative center of the dynasty that ruled the city-state between the 5th and 4th centuries BC.

During the investigations carried out this year, many discoveries have been made, such as the constructions and their architectural design, which was mainly focused on the creation of storage units among others. A second monumental complex has also been found in the eastern area / with a different orientation) composed of a citadel wall with a length of 65 meters and 3 meters wide.

The soils found are sealed with different material, revealing a breakthrough in construction. For their part, the roofs collapsed after the complex was abandoned, probably at the end of the 4th century AD, when the Cypriot cities were abolished by Ptolemy I.

Too amphoras and many other containers were foundSome of them with oil. Two millstones were also found in good condition, olive seeds, what appears to be a stone bathtub, an oil mill, different amounts of slag.

For the many investigations carried out in these excavations a large number of innovative analyzes with which to collect the maximum information on all the findings that have been found, revealing details that have provided many details that were not known until now.

Best of all, even if the season is over, there will be more, because this place is a epicenter of great archaeological importance, which will surely continue to reveal many historical secrets that the entire international community appreciates and is very useful for further study.

Undoubtedly, these excavations have acquired great importance since their inception and have provided a whole torrent of information of great information for the archaeological and historical universe.

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