Modern man's hunting technology didn't put an end to Neanderthals

Modern man's hunting technology didn't put an end to Neanderthals

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The disappearance of neanderthals It has always been a mystery to many scholars and although there are countless theories about whether it was one way or another, what is clear is that there will always be some new one that can shed a little light on this dilemma.

According to a study published in the Journal of Human Evolution, the disappearance of Neanderthals it would have nothing to do with what had long been thought about the novel hunting weapons that modern humans had and that they were brought from Asia.

Different investigations have been launched, such as those carried out from the Japanese Nagoya and Tokyo, where the studies focused mainly on the modern stone weapons used by those known as modern humans between 42,000 and 34,000 BC.

Until now, anthropologists believed that innovation in weapons allowed humans to spread out of Africa and into Europe, but this study shows that innovation was not the trigger for humans as had come to be thought, stating that modern humans were better equipped than Neanderthals then.

Seiji Kadowaki, author of the Nagoya University study, said he doesn't think Neanderthals were survived by technological competition alone. He assures that his work is related to the different processes that hide behind the worldwide spread of modern humans and the cultural impact of human beings who emigrated to Europe.

As has been shown, modern humans came to extend the geographic area in which they lived outside of Africa between 55,000-40,000 years, an event that had a great impact on the biological origin of people living today, although there are other theories about the geographical distribution of humans considered anatomically modern, something that has become a milestone in human history.

Be that as it may, the question about the disappearance of the Neanderthals is increasingly present.Why they disappeared when other human beings survived? Today we have a similar anatomy, so researchers think there may have been some difference in the behavior of Neanderthals and modern humans that was the trigger for the disappearance of the first but ... Is it true or will we be left without knowing why and how the Neanderthals disappeared?

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