The impressive Lost City of Colombia

The impressive Lost City of Colombia

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In the early 70's a ancient city in Colombia, exactly in the Sierra Nevada, and it was not by a modern explorer but by what is known as a guaquero or grave robber, so that the find could have been completely by chance.

It is said that the news of this discovery spread like wildfire, attracting the attention of more guaqueros who were looking for the treasures of this mysterious city that it seemed that nobody knew about at first. It looks like, so many guaqueros arrived that there were fights to the death between them in order to gain control of this site and to be able to search the supposed riches with greater tranquility.

Everything changed when the first investigations began, which reveal that the Lost City was built sometime in the 9th century AD. and that it was occupied until the end of the 16th century by the Tayrona people, moment in which the jungle and the land began to hide it.

As some researchers have come to affirm, from this city only 10% of its entire extent has been discovered. Some 200 structures have been discovered that are houses of different sizes as well as squares, paths, canals, stairs, etc. which shows that if only 10% has been discovered, the Lost City can become much larger and a discovery that can provide vast amounts of information about it.

Because the guaqueros could not get hold of any of the supposed treasures that the Lost City hides, archaeologists are having a free hand to discover countless objects as different artifacts that they have found, which they hope will give information about the people that inhabited this city as well as the ceramic pieces and various necklaces of precious stones that were found.

Due to the guaqueros, who despite being expelled by the army, continued their “job”And the growth of drug cartels and paramilitaries, this area became a place of great danger where kidnappings were the order of the day. For this reason, the Colombian army protected the archaeologists for a long time until access to the perimeter of the Lost City was closed to provide more security.

Since 2005, and after the Colombian army reviewed the area inch by inch to be able to declare it safe, the Lost City was authorized to be visited by tourists.

But despite this, the research work continues and I am sure that in not too long we will be able to receive more news about this fantastic complex that still holds many secrets to share with all of us.

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