DARA digital library: «Aragonese Medieval Documents. From Ramiro I to Fernando II »

DARA digital library: «Aragonese Medieval Documents. From Ramiro I to Fernando II »

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Between Ramiro I of Aragón (1006 / 7-1063) and Fernando the Catholic (1452-1516) there are five centuries of difference. Ramiro I was the first king of Aragon and Ferdinand the Catholic one of the most famous monarchs in the History of Spain along with his wife Isabel the Catholic, for being architects of the union of Castile and Aragon.

To this day, it will be possible to consult all the documentary sources of what happened in the time that goes between these two monarchs in a digitized way through the Portal «DARA-Aragonese Medieval Documents. From Ramiro I to Fernando II ».

The portal has been created by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Government of Aragon, taking advantage of the date of fifth centenary of the death of Ferdinand II of Aragon. The objective of digitally capturing five centuries of the History of Spain, apart from making more accessible this type of information, is to account for the historical and political progression of the Kingdom of Aragon during the years 1035 until the end of the reign of Ferdinand the Catholic in 1516, which led the Kingdom of Aragon to be a European power during the Middle Ages.

The file will incorporate new documents over time. At the moment there are already available 45 files, where each one of them has a presentation, bibliography references and access to a search engine, which allows opening the panorama to documentary collections. It is the first time that this type of document has been shown and also, through the internet.

In the portal are the documents of very important and emblematic moments of the Kingdom of Aragon, such as the Jurisdiction of Jaca or the Jurisdiction of Teruel, some acts of the Cortes, documents from the councils, ecclesiastical or noblemen, among others.

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