The restoration of the Kinh Thien palace in Hanoi is prepared

The restoration of the Kinh Thien palace in Hanoi is prepared

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The Hanoi People's Committee (Vietnam) recently approved the restoration of the Kinh Thien palace, in the Thang Long complex, in Hanoi. It is a construction that was erected in order to hold the royal meetings during the Ly, Tran, Le and Nguyen dynasties.

The excavations in this place began in February 2014 and for several years many researchers have advised a complete restoration of the palace although they lacked such important data on the architecture of the building and its measurements, since much of it was destroyed in 1886 by French soldiers.

According to the scientists, if the project receives the support of official organizations, reconstruction could begin in about five years, when the maximum information on all the details of the palace architecture has been gathered.

It is planned prepare a 3D construction plan and it will be presented in approximately 2016, although it must be recognized that obtaining all the information about the palace will be difficult to obtain, especially since its construction began in 1418 under the mandate of King Le Thai To, completing it during the King's period. Le Tharih Tong.

It is one of the most important buildings in the entire citadel and is currently used for holding large events, taking advantage of the part that is in better condition and that during the second half of the 1950s was used as a nerve center for the anti-French troops and they decided to use it as a Ministry of Defense.

Today it is an important archaeological treasure of the country and it can be visited, although not in its entirety, but it will surely not take too long to get down to work to restore it and thus ensure that this treasure can continue to be enjoyed by all people. who come to this country and want to live part of its history.

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