Incredible mask of God Pan found in Israel

Incredible mask of God Pan found in Israel

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Recently the Largest bronze mask belonging to the god Pan. It was discovered by a team of researchers from the University of Haifa in Israel in the Hippos.-Sussita excavation. As stated by Dr. Michael Eisenberg, these kinds of bronze masks, especially of this size, are extremely rare and usually do not represent even Pan nor to any other image belonging to Greek or Roman mythology.

Eisenberg wanted to make it clear that “Most of the known bronze masks from the Roman and Hellenistic periods are miniatures, so this find is truly exceptional”.

In the Hippos-Sussita excavation, finds of considerable importance have been produced such as the Hercules statue that the rains revealed part of it. Two years later a basalt headstone with a sculpture was discovered and now this very valuable mask.

These excavations are normally carried out during the summer season, although due to different climatic effects, several structures have emerged at the top of the city, where an old road passed, which made one of the excavations start in winter exceptionally.

This excavation focused on a basalt structure which was originally believed to be a kind of warehouse for projectile launchers such as catapults, something that is endorsed after the discovery of a limestone projectile, something completely different from the basalt normally used in Hippos-Sussita.

Thanks to this finding, the researchers have chosen to use a metal detector over the area and finally found the mask. They cleaned it up and the details began to show.

The bumps that the mask has are often associated with Pan, half man half goat, this being the god of shepherds, pleasure and music. When the mask was cleaned more in depth, a goat's beard, long pointed ears and different characteristics were found that make it clear that it is a mask that represents Pan, Satyr or Faun.

Archaeologists have discovered the basalt structure in the hope of finding more clues and being able to find more information about everything that is gradually being found in this archaeological excavation, which is said to still have a lot to show everyone and that will be able to provide great information about the different historical events that have taken place throughout history in this area of ​​the world.

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