They restore the head of a bronze horse that belonged to Lorenzo de 'Medici

They restore the head of a bronze horse that belonged to Lorenzo de 'Medici

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After being stored in the Archaeological Museum of Florence for more than a century, a bronze horse head that belonged to Lorenzo de Medici (EL Magnífico) are in the process of being restored.

The bronze sculpture dates from 350 BC.. It is considered one of the masterpieces of classical Greek art and was exhibited in the Palazzo Medici in the center of Florence until the Medici family ceased in popularity, at which point it began to deteriorate little by little until it was acquired by the Archaeological Museum in 1881. After more than a century, has been rediscovered and found to be in need of a major restoration.

Researchers at the National Research Council of Florence have been studying how to restore a work with materials as old as the golden alloys found in the horse's head and after evaluating possibilities, they have finally decided to get down to work .

From today, March 8, The entire restoration process can be seen by the public during the museum's opening hours until it is finished. When this happens, it is scheduled to be included in the exhibition called "Power and Pathos at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence" that will run until June 21 and then continue on to the Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and later in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

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