Excavations resume in Moghalmari, India

Excavations resume in Moghalmari, India

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Archeology is one of the best allies in history to allow us to know great events throughout the centuries, something without which we could not know many things that we know today and discover many others like the ones they are about to do very close to Dantan, in the western part of Midnapur (India), exactly in the Moghalmari mounds.

Some time after they had stopped, excavations at this site have started again after receiving permission from the Archaeological Survey of India. In this place a vihara had been discovered (temple) dating back to AD V and VII.

With this start-up, it is expected that the excavation will report much more information than what they had gathered and they hope to be able to date this temple with greater accuracy and what its origins were, mainly as well as any other information that may be of relevance.

We must go back to the year 2003, when both the Faculty of Archeology of the University of Calcutta and its students, excavations began after local people had shown them the area, which aroused great interest in all of them, with the hunch that this place was very special.

After a few days of work remains began to appear such as a portion of the wall, pieces of ceramic, figures and after many excavations the cells where the monks slept, which showed that they were excavating a vihara hundreds of years old.

Already in 2009 the excavations had to be stopped because of what always happens, lack of funding, which caused them to begin to move the strings to get money and to be able to continue with that exciting work that was reporting so much information about the past of this vihara.

Finally the funding came and excavations were reopened, where gold coins, tables with engraved information and different pendants with inscriptions were found that could become of great historical value and reveal many of the keys to this place.

According to various historians and scholars, it is said that get information about this place and its origins as well as the use that was given to it, it can provide valuable information with which to piece together an essential puzzle within the culture and the religious life in this area of ​​India.

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