UNESCO extends the deadline for the restoration of Pompeii

UNESCO extends the deadline for the restoration of Pompeii

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Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini praised last Thursday UNESCO's decision to extend until 2016 the deadline for completing the restoration in Pompeii. The project called "Great Pompeii" was originally scheduled to be completed this year, and this extension is very well received by the Government of Italy.

«The extension of the term by UNESCO inspectors is the legitimate recognition of an effort that has been intense, scrupulous and methodical.«, Expressed the Minister on this decision.

The European Union has allocated a total of 105 million euros for the Pompeii restoration and since then UNESCO has repeatedly expressed its concern about the current conditions of the World Heritage site, reaching threaten to remove you from that list if no improvements were made.

Now, in the last report of the inspectors, they reported on «tangible and significant improvements in the state of conservation of Pompeii"Adding that" Italy is making a considerable effort to adopt the recommendations of the World Heritage Committee ", so they have decided to extend the Greater Pompeii Project until the end of 2016.

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