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About a year ago, the professor Maciej Henneberg, from the University of Adelaide, together with a large number of colleagues, began an intense debate on human evolution after having published different studies. Both Henneberg and his colleagues have argued that theHomo floresiensis perhaps better known as Hobbit discovered in Indonesia, they were not some kind of early hominid.

According to different studies carried out it is estimated that it may be a human although with Down syndrome. More than 10 years have passed since the discovery made by a team of Indonesians and Australians on the Indonesian island of Flores and it still gives a lot to talk about.

Instead, other researchers allude to Down syndrome argument does not stand on lower jaw studies, which has unusual bone characteristics. Researchers have argued that the jaws belonged to some of the earliest hominids, again generating a great deal of controversy over the results of other parallel studies.

Given these hypotheses, Henneberg's team, including himself, outright reject these claims, arguing that this class of jaws is very often found among the indigenous peoples of Australia and Melanesia, so there is a high probability that it is a modern human.

To support these claims, they offer three pieces of evidence that show that this kind of jaw is very common among the aforementioned indigenous peoples: two previous studies and a photograph of an archaeological site in Australia known as Roonka, which has practically the same characteristics as those found.

One of the studies has not been published and could not be supervised by experts, which makes lacks a minimum of scientific quality, so it cannot be considered as irrefutable evidence, at least until it has been supervised. The other study has been published but despite being supervised, has not had a very good acceptance and has been criticized frequently.

Without a doubt, we are faced with a tug of war that seems to will still last a long time and that there will have to be other more thorough investigations and studies that can determine who is right in this kind of dispute that has been going on for so long since this finding was made that it seems to bring in check some of the most prominent experts in this field .

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